If you ask a Mexican child in the first grade ‘why the hell are you eating a taco’ he’s going to go home and ask for a peanut butter sandwich.

My professor on losing your identity as a kid (via lasfloresdemayo)


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im so angry

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!!!!! Or to a black child “why is your hair like that?”

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For those who don’t know, this is exactly how I wound up not speaking my language anymore. And exactly how I lost my accent.

The kids at school made fun of me until they convinced me that because I was in America, I needed to speak like an American.

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I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

This deserves at least a thousand notes !!

this is seriously the best thing I have ever seen oh my goodness

I am officially a fan of this woman’s..

Anonymous asked:
I'm a big Kpop fan, but I've always listened to American pop/R&b/hip-hop. There seems to be an anti-American pop-culture sentiment amongst Kpop fans. Like they will blatantly insult Black hip-hop culture, call it "ghetto", but when a pretty Kpop boy raps or speaks "ghetto English", it's okay and even becomes attractive. I understand that the content of some American pop songs are inappropriate but the double standard is ridiculous. I'd love to hear someone's opinion about this


A lot of western Kpop fans are creepy ass fucking fetishizers who think their idols can do nothing wrong. So they basically fetishizes the crap out of these people and will defend everything they do (even if it’s problematic).




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im always like hell yeah i’d survive an apocalypse and then i remember sometimes I nearly faint in the shower because the water is too hot